About Us

We are a team of visa experts having more than 30+ years of experience handling F1 Visa (Student Visa) & B1 B2 (Business/ Tourist Visa). Our partner teams have 100+ years of experience in handling student & tourist visas for Canada, Australia, and UK. Our team is highly experienced and has the technical acumen to handle all types of service request.

What is VisaSlotBooking.in?

We are a free crowdsourcing platform to check available visa slots for US. You can login to our site multiple times to check for available US visa slots without getting locked. If an applicant wants to quickly book the visa slot then we share the contact details of a reputed agent. We know the art & science of obtaining multiple scholarships for your F1 Visa (Student Visa). As of today, there are only few visa consultants who offer the kind of free services we do. Our free services to qualified applicants is part of our charity goal. We also help several poor students & physically disabled students secure international scholarships.

Mission 2030

There are millions of graduates without a job in India. It is disheartening to meet graduates from underprivileged background who are meritorious. But most of the academic rockstars are unaware of the process for applying scholarship from a foreign university or other educational charity source. Hence, we decided to offer free services to academic rockstars by helping them apply for scholarship. Our 2030 goal is to help 10,000 academic rockstars and physically disabled from underprivileged background.

VisaSlotBooking.in aims to be the leading website for free student visa information. Our goal is to make scholarship easily accessible for deserving students. We’d like to be the student visa & visit visa authority in terms of updated information and assistance. We continue to report on visa rule changes for student & visit visas. Our pages are updated regularly to ensure quality and accuracy of information.  

The content on our website is written by qualified content writers and moderated by content manager. Our content is generated independently, and we are not related to any government agency. Meet the women majority workforce patiently addressing endless questions from students & tourist. We’ve got a perfect blend of industry experts who know what’s working and what needs to change. 

VisaSlotBooking.in Team

Visa Expert: All your visa queries will addressed via WhatsApp +91 9849687650.

Tahseen Fatima

Email: tahseen@visaslotbooking.in 

Customer Support: Please drop an email if your service request is delayed.

Natasha Fernandez

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Content Manager: Please drop an email if you find typo errors/ outdated information on the site.

Shivani Patel

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Managing Director: Feel free to drop an email to escalate or lodge a complaint.

Jasleen Kaur

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